Privacy Statement

on use of website

     The following privacy policy declares the rules and conditions of collecting and releasing personal information belonging to the website users as relates to data provided by Users for the purposes of registration, payment procedures and participation in the event, added by conjunction with the website functions.

1.Working Terms used in this Privacy Statement:

Administrator – Yuliya Tsimokhava, a responsible person coordinating communication issues via the Website. e-mail:, website:;
Participant – a real person, who automatically gets involved in the IID event, as soon as they complete the Registration form and/or receive the confirmation of online Ticket purchase.
Registration – the process of submitting required information via the registration form, provided on the Website.
Ticket – a certifying document indicating that its holder has paid for or entitled to a specified range of services.
User – a person, using access to the Website.
Website – an official webpage of the event, created with an intention to promote the event, provide the basic information and facilitate Registration, Ticket purchase and other online services on

2. Mode of processing the data

      The Administrator processes all the data provided by Users in a proper manner, following organizational procedures and modes strictly related to the purposes indicated, applies all necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or unauthorized destruction of the data.
      The Administrator guarantees that they will apply all technical measures necessary to provide proper data protection in accordance with the potential information security threats such as: access by unauthorized users, alteration, loss, damage or destruction.

 3. Rules applied to personal data processing

1) The Administrator may process the following data, provided by Users, for organizational purposes:
• name and surname
• startup/company name
• IP address
• e-mail
• credit card information
• all the other information, uploaded via the registration form.

2) The User is not obliged to provide their personal data. However, as soon as the User agrees to upload the necessary information, it must be true and objective.

3) The provision of personal data may be necessary to use all of the Website functions; this applies particularly to Registration.

4) The Administrator may process Users’ personal data for the following purposes:
• maintaining electronic services on the Website
• payment transactions
• various practical issues associated with organization of the event
• other legally permissible purposes.
5) The Administrator shall only record personal data on data carriers which are secured against access by third parties, oversee the data security and provide them only to authorized entities solely on the basis of applicable legal regulations. Above all, the Administrator shall maintain the confidentiality of personal data.

4. Data usage

1) The Administrator may process the data concerned with the manner the User applies to the Website, including:
• User identification information
• information on the commencement, completion and scope of each use of services provided electronically.
2) The information described in par. 1) shall not be associated with personal data belonging to the User and thus will not be used for identification purposes unless it is necessary for electronic services’ improvement.
3) The data referred to in par. 1) shall be used exclusively for purposes related to market research and research on the Website traffic, for statistical purposes and for improving the Website content.
4) In case the User gets access to the electronic services of the Website via a mobile device, the Administrator may obtain the data associated with the mobile device, the operator and the subscriber. This data will be processed anonymously and exceptionally for statistical purposes.

5. Rights of the Website Users

1) All Users have the right to review their own personal data, to ask for the information update, correction or deletion.
2) The User can always contact the Administrator in order to find out in what manner their personal data are used or are intended to be used.
3) The Administrator shall guarantee that the User’s data are deleted in all circumstances foreseen by law and also on the User’s demand.
4) The Administrator can refuse to delete the User’s personal data in the following cases:
• the User has submitted no payment in due time
• the User has violated the Website’s Terms of use
• there are certain violations of the applicable legal regulations.
5) With the exception of circumstances foreseen by law, in no situation shall the Administrator process personal data that would reveal racial or ethnic background, political preferences, religious or philosophical convictions, party or trade union affiliations, information about health, genetic code, addictions, intimate life, and also data concerning criminal convictions, punishments and fines, as well as other judgments issued in judicial or administrative proceedings. It is forbidden for Users to submit such data.
6) In order to exercise the higher mentioned rights, the User may at any time contact the Administrator at:

6. Final provisions

Upon completion of the services provided via the Website, Users’ personal data shall not be processed unless they are necessary for:
• settlement of the electronic services
• marketing and market research
• improving the services’ quality
• clarifying circumstances involving unsatisfactory use of the Website or services provided electronically via the Website.
      The Administrator reserves the right to introduce changes to this Privacy Statement and has to inform the Users of all the changes no later than 5 days prior to their implementation.