Terms and Conditions

This document sets out the terms and conditions of participation in International Investor Day Vilnius, as well as the conditions for electronic services provision, maintained via the website investorday.net. By purchasing a ticket or registering for the event, you agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. All amendments, made to this document, will be posted on the Website.
The following Terms will be applicable to Participants, Partners and Users of the Website.

1. Working terms used in this document:

Administrator — Yuliya Tsimokhava, a responsible person coordinating communication issues via the Website. e-mail: info@investorday.net, website: investorday.net;Confirmation of Participation — a message, sent via e-mail after online purchase of the Ticket with the Ticket attached;Discount Code — a special sequence of characters, allowing Users acquire Tickets at a discount;
Ordering Party — a real person, performing Registration for participation in International Investor Day via the form accessible on the event’s Website: investorday.net;Organizer — VCEE Startups Team, a group of people responsible for all the organizational matters and coordinating communication via the Website. e-mail: editor@vceestartups.com, info@investorday.net.Participant — a real person, who automatically gets involved in the IID event, as soon as they complete the Registration form and/or receive the confirmation of online Ticket purchase;Partners — patrons, co-organizers, media, marketing and industry representatives, directly associated with the subject of International Investor Day.Registration — the process of submitting required information via the registration form, provided on the Website;Services — services provided electronically via the Website of the event, such as:a)  Registration of participation in the Startup Pitching Competition via the form placed at http://investorday.net/pitching-form/;b)  Online purchase of Tickets at investorday.net;Ticket — a certifying document indicating that its holder has paid for or entitled to a specified range of services.User — a person, using access to the Website;Website — an official webpage of the event, created with an intention to promote the event, provide the basic information and facilitate Registration, Ticket purchase and other online services on investorday.net.

2. General provisions

The Website and all the content placed there, regardless of the presentation form, constitute the property of the Administrator. Therefore, the Administrator is authorized to add, modify and remove the Website content. Copying and distribution of the Website content, as well as any other use of the content, without prior consent of the Administrator, is forbidden.

3. Participation Application

1) Registration on the Website is equivalent to confirmation of the intention to participate in the event and agreement to follow these Terms and Conditions. The obligation to submit payment for participation in the International Investor Day is also incurred upon Registration.2) All the participants are required to register no later than the day of the event, preferably one day before.3) The Ordering Party is responsible for completing the registration form with proper and correct information.4) The Organizer bears no liability for any losses, emerging due to the incorrect information, submitted by the Ordering Party.5) The Organizer undertakes to send the Confirmation of Participation to the Ordering Party no later than 10 (ten) days of expiration of the Registration period.6) The Ordering Party automatically becomes the Participant of the event upon receiving the Confirmation of Participation.7) The Organizer reserves the right to refuse to allow the Ordering Party to participate in the International Investor Day providing no explanation.8) The Organizer reserves the right to publish the names of the Participants, including companies and individuals.

4. Payment procedures

1) The Ordering Party is obliged to submit payment for participation in the International Investor Day by purchasing a Ticket via the online payment service accessible via the following webpage: https://tickets.paysera.com/en/info/event/6106C437-BADB-11E5-A0F1-5ED9283CB5D72) Payment for participation in the International Investor Day should be submitted no later than Registration is closed. The Organizer reserves the right to close Registration when all available Tickets are sold out.3) The Ordering Party can require the invoice to be sent with the Confirmation of Participation while submitting payment data on the webpage of online Ticket purchase, by activating the field ‘Invoice needed’.4) Payment for participation is conducted via the following webpage: https://tickets.paysera.com/en/info/event/6106C437-BADB-11E5-A0F1-5ED9283CB5D7. Payment can be made using the following methods: Paysera account, a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), International “WebMoney” system, online services provided by the key banks of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland.5) While conducting payment, the Ordering Party should make sure they provide the correct information, identifying the Participant and giving all the necessary details for the invoice.6) The Participant is obliged to present the Confirmation of Participation at the event reception desk if necessary.

5. Startup Pitching Competition

1) During the International Investor Day, there will be a Startup Pitching Competition organized. This is a contest for preselected startups, in which they fill fight for the money prize (the amount to be announced one month before the event).2) Only the preselected and confirmed startups can participate in the Startup Pitching Competition.3) To participate in the Startup Pitching Competition, teams/companies/individuals are first required to apply via the Website investorday.net by filling in the Registration form, accessible here: http://investorday.net/pitching-form/. Having provided all the necessary information about the project, the applicants are supposed to wait to be accepted by the Organizer, about which they will be informed no later than ten days before the event.4) The Organizer will invite selected startups in the form of an email with the Confirmation of Participation. All the details, concerning the Startup Competition and participants’ presentation, will be also provided in the email.5) Selected startups, participating in the Startup Pitching Competition, are provided with a free access to the event for 2 of the team members. The other members of the startup team, participating in the Startup Pitching Competition, will have to buy startup passes (Tickets). In addition, the Organizer provides an opportunity for the selected startups to operate their company promotional stands during the International Investor Day.6) During the Startup Pitching Competition, selected startups will pitch their business ideas and present the projects in front of the board of competent jury, formed by a group of tech experts and experienced entrepreneurs, investors and executives.

6. Duties of the Participants

1) Submitting notification of participation in the International Investor Day, purchase of a Ticket constitute acceptance of these Terms. Participants are required to get acquainted with the Terms and Conditions.2) The Participants are supposed to cover all the travel and accommodation costs by their own means.3) During the International Investor Day, photo and video capturing is expected. Participation in the event constitutes Participant’s consent to the use of their image, audio, video and other materials by the Organizer. In case the Participant refuses to provide such a consent, they are obliged to inform the Organizer: info@investorday.net.4) The Participants are to carry full responsibility for any legal or material losses caused by their own actions.

7. Changes and cancellation of the event

1) The Organizer reserves the right to introduce certain changes to the International Investor Day event, concerning: location, time, duration, programme, Ticket prices.2) The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event any time, without providing any explanation.3) Under the circumstances described in art. (1) or (2) above, the Organizer is obliged to provide the relevant information on the Website of the event and inform the Participants via all possible means of connection.

8. Duties of the Administrator

1) The Administrator shall, by all means, engage in all reasonable efforts to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the Website. However, the Administrator bears no liability for disruptions in the functioning of the Website, caused by malfunction, force majeure or unauthorized interference of Users.2) In special cases of improper security or stability of the system, the Administrator has the right to temporarily cease or restrict the provision of electronic services without advance notice given to the Website Users. The User of the Website shall not be entitled to any claims in conjunction with the temporary or permanent cessation of the provision of electronic services by the Administrator.3) The Administrator also reserves the right to cease providing electronic services any time if a corresponding demand to do so is made by an internet service provider or another authorized entity. The Administrator shall not bear liability for losses resulting from the faulty operation of a transmission system, including equipment failures, delays and disruptions in the transfer of information.

9. Personal Data Protection

The Administrator is responsible for personal data, provided by the Website Users. All the rules concerning personal data processing are set forth in the Privacy Policy.

10. Suggestions and Complaints

1) The User has the right to submit any suggestions or complaints about the Services provided by the Organizer. All the Suggestions and Complaints should be directed via email: info@investorday.net.2) The appeal should contain all the necessary details for the problem to get solved, including the contact info of the person, submitting the appeal.3) All the Suggestions and Complaints will be processed in due time by the Administrator and no later than 14 days after the reception.

11. Final provisions

1) The Administrator reserves the right to introduce any changes to the content of these Terms. The Administrator is obliged to inform the Users of all changes to these Terms no later than 7 days before the changes come in power.2) Users, who do not accept the changes introduced to these Terms, should stop using the Website and all the Services provided.